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Where is Charles Darwin Reserve?

Charles Darwin Reserve lies on the northern edge of the West Australian wheatbelt. It is at the centre of about a million hectares of former pastoral land that is now being managed and restored for nature conservation.


Charles Darwin Reserve lies within the Avon Wheatbelt bioregion and the South West Botanical Province, both known for their remarkable species richness. This area is recognised internationally as a 'hotspot' for biodiversity and an area needing urgent conservation action. About 93 per cent of its native vegetation has been cleared for agriculture. What remains is under intense pressure from weeds, grazing by domestic stock and feral animals, predation of native fauna by foxes and cats, and salinity caused by the extensive clearing of native vegetation.

Charles Darwin Reserve and a few other properties along the northern fringe of the wheatbelt represent the last chances we have to conserve large, intact expanses of these precious remnants. Bush Heritage has destocked the former sheep station and is managing it for nature conservation.

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