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The Mt Gibson Gold Mine Road

Gold was discovered in 1910 in the belt of greenstone on Mt Gibson Station immediately east of Charles Darwin Reserve. Several small shafts were dug, a water reserve was declared over the Mt Gibson Well and the main area of the greenstones was gazetted in 1920 as a common to provide for a possible townsite. The mines were however only small hand dug enterprises.

It was not until 1986 that the large open cut mine at the southern end of the common was commenced in a joint venture by Forsythe NL and Reynolds Australia Mines Pty Ltd.

The mine is ten kilometres to the east of the Great Northern Highway . The first seven kilometres of the mine's private access road are in Charles Darwin Reserve. The access road was constructed along the Whitewells Station south fence.


The mine site accommodated the workforce. As relief from the camp, they built a barbeque just inside the Whitewells boundary at a small flat granite outcrop where shallow rock pools fill with water after rain. A plaque on a rock commemorates a worker who died at the mine.

By the beginning of the 2000s the mine had closed and has since changed hands several times.